Hey Beautiful,

I'm Brittany

I'm so glad you're here!

This is a place where we have resolved to do life together intentionally, courageously, blissfully, borderlessly.  This is a place where we choose to step out of the confines of the culture and live as we were made to - with purpose and joy, with love and laughter.  This is a place where we are learning to live borderless in all areas of our lives - our marriages, our mothering, our friendships, our communities.  

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I gotta tell ya, it has been so freeing to break through and find this place... This place of unapologetic, fearless living.  This place of authenticity and weightless freedom. This way of living out the limitless love of Christ, borderlessly (that's not technically a word, but you get me). 

Our purpose here really is to do life in this uncommon way - this free, exuberant, mountain-top, glass half full, no limits, laughter-filled kind of way, this borderless way.  


And wasn't Christ uncommon?

And isn't His love borderless?

And I know I'm not the only one on this journey.

We have all likely done many of the things on our Life-Purpose-List, but really I think all along, we have been made for mainly this.  This living borderless.  Like Him.

For me, living borderless was originally a dare-to-self that I didn't know if I would ever be capable of.  Then it became my determined direction.  Then my freedom.

Now, my mission is to live with authentic intent and on purpose as I share this vivacious journey with other women like you who are ready to do this too!


When My Happy Got Hijacked

I honestly thought I had it mastered... until last year.

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