What is living borderless?

This is a place where we have resolved to do life together intentionally, courageously, blissfully, borderlessly.  This is a place where we choose to step out of the confines of the culture and live as we were made to - with purpose and joy, with love and laughter.  This is a place where we are learning to live borderless in all areas of our lives - our marriages, our mothering, our friendships, our communities.  

But I gotta tell ya, it has been so freeing to break through and find this place... This place of unapologetic, fearless living.  This place of authenticity and weightless freedom. This way of living out the limitless love of Christ, borderlessly (that's not technically a word, but you get me).  

I have been here before, but after having lost my way for a time, I wasn't sure if I'd ever find it again. 

I have a Great Teacher though. 


I learned that we can either allow our challenges to break us, or to mold us into the warriors that we really are on the inside.  

As God began to break the chains that I had allowed the world to wind around my life, I slowly relearned how to live freely and how to fly again. This journey has given me the courage to take charge of my life again - to live with intent and pursue my passion, to hope for tomorrow and believe in today.

Yellow Backpack Hiker Girl 2.jpeg

My mission is to help you take the shortcut to the place that I took the long road to get to.

I hope so much that you'll find what you are looking for here. 

For me, living borderless was originally a dare-to-self that I didn't know if I would ever be capable of. Then it became my determined direction. Then my freedom.

Then I realized - this is what I was born for! It's the way I give back to the world.

Now, I am set on helping you find your way as well - your way to this place of really doing life, of living borderless. 


How I found Living Borderless

From my childhood, I have always held this knowing within me that I was here for a purpose - but as the years have passed, and even into my mid twenties, I have had a hard time putting my finger on exactly what that purpose is.  I have wanted to journey over oceans and live among the tribal people, to build water wells in Africa, to run a successful business, to marry my favorite person, to study natural medicine, to have a family, to be a part of a small town community, to homeschool my kids, to leave a lasting impact on the world.  But in all of those things, I have found that one single, consistent mantra is there beneath the surface every time.  

My purpose here really is to do life in this uncommon way - this free, exuberant, mountain-top, glass half full, no limits, laughter-filled kind of way, this borderless way.  

And wasn't Christ uncommon?

And isn't His love borderless?

And I know I'm not the only one on this journey.

We have all likely done many of the things on our Life-Purpose-List, but really I think all along, we have been made for mainly this.  This living borderless.  Like Him.


How can you do living borderless too?

First by asking questions.  Lots of them.  Because how can we ever improve our circumstances without asking questions?

Then, it's by throwing off the societal standards of what determines success, happiness and fulfillment and then giving those words a new definition - your own definition - the definition God has placed on your life. It is by taking the time to rediscover who YOU really are and what you were MADE for.  

And most importantly, it's by realizing that only YOU have the power to chose to embrace your purpose and your destiny. Only you can decide to set yourself free to go beyond the boundaries of what you've been told all your life.  

And finally, I hope that it's by hanging out with me here on the blog as we do this borderless life together! 


Why I'm Here

After finishing, my original plan to open a naturopathic clinic changed with the surprise arrival of our first baby.  I ultimately felt that I needed to cultivate my own take on making a difference so that I could do this mommin' thing in a borderless way.  Because, here's another thing I've learned...

Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God
may not be something you do, but someone you raise.
— Andy Stanley


 So after finding my way to this borderless life, I knew that it wasn't just teaching natural health that I wanted to focus on.

My mission is to live with authentic intent and on purpose, to teach it to my children, and to share this vivacious journey with other women like you who are ready to do this too! 

I am thrilled at this opportunity to live out this borderless life with an amazing group of women that are a part of this borderless community.  And I've learned that I must let go of living my big life purpose and release myself to live my life on purpose.  And more often than not, that is done in the small things.  

This journey has been absolutely beautiful. It has given me the courage to listen to my heart and embrace my own unique ability to help others learn to do so as well.  And I get to do that here, from my laptop, while the kids (now we have two) run and play and all sorts of vibrantly colored craziness ensues! 

Will you join me on this journey of embracing life and living borderless?


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